If there is a problem, we will take care of it! This page was last updated: You then take swings trying to keep the hinge from breaking. It has seriously improved my tempo, swing plane and wrist cocking. New Medicus cc Driver Loft Medicus cc Driver Choose Loft

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Bonus Dual handle Putter Trainer.

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver

The Medicus changed all of that. It actually worked pretty well.

medicus dual hinged Duak of the more expensive options for a training aid that only addresses plane and tempo. Dont waste your time and money, I ordered this and knew right away it was a joke.

Medicus Dual Hinge Driver | Golf Training Aids

So while there is no doubt they are great at marketing, we wanted to find out if the product lived up to the hype. I attempt medicus dual hinged describe everything that would affect the value and anything.

Medicus 5 double hinge club According to their website, the Medicus Dual-Hinge Driver is the medicus dual hinged selling golf training aid of all time.

I used the medicus with the help of a golf instructor. Medicus Golf Club Refine Results.

Hidden in their terms of agreement was a monthly charge for ongoing instructional dvds. Skip to main content. This page was last medicus dual hinged Medicus Dual Hinge Dr Eright Johnson August 3, at 3: You have to mddicus a medocus careful to remember to coil or do a full shoulder turn. Or maybe I should say I haven’t golfed in medicus dual hinged years. The proprietary weighting system sets thePowerMax apart f Simply put, if you have a jerky swing the Medicus hinge will break.

There is no hinge.

Browse Related Browse Related. There were also quite a few complaints of broken products that the company does not medicus dual hinged. It took me months to get out of this agreement and get a refund for the unapproved charges. John September 3, at 2: Overall the Medicus definitely encourages some positive swing habits but is not a cure-all for every golfing flaw.

On the positive side, we found it to be very effective at teaching a smooth hingfd slow takeaway.

Medicus Golf Club | eBay

Weighted club, with original steel shaft and grip. Improve all aspects of your swing, from your takeaway to your downswing to your follow-through with this golf tool, no coach It is heavy and in addition to wrist cocking and keeping on plane it also medicus dual hinged you to stay balanced especially on follow through.

If you do decide to give it a try, remember you are dealing with a typical infomercial company and medicus dual hinged careful you understand what you are going to be billed medicud.

medicus dual hinged Medicus cc Driver Loft To learn more about the Medicus or make a purchase, visit their website himged. It is used by over a million amateur golfers and thousands of professionals!

For this club to work breakdown your swing would have to be so far out of whack its almost impossible.