Wireless throughput is fine for Web surfing and downloads, though the antenna isn’t as sensitive as on full-size laptops we’ve tested; we had to be closer to our access point to get a strong signal than with other machines. The touch screen-optional device features a rotatable camera to promote content creation. Intel has been actively working with various international and local Linux distributions in various countries. Intel and the Intel logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. And opening up the platform to Windows apps also opens it up to the world of Windows viruses.

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The round touch pad was unusual, but easy to use, and the entire system felt very sturdy, as it is built into a semirugged housing, and includes a classmate pc padded removable cover that also acts as a handle.

Last but not least, we classmate pc battery life.

Intel joined the OLPC project in July and cassmate widely expected to work on a version of the classmate pc laptop that used an Intel chip, only to pull out of the project in January These features allow students to view microscopic and macroscopic images and measure classmate pc analyze environmental data, bringing science to life and giving students the freedom to explore scientific concepts anywhere, not just in the science lab.

Nick had no trouble navigating with the touchpad and opening applications from the desktop though classmate pc used to working on a Windows PCbut the inscrutable Windows icons in the Taskbar will be a mystery to kids who have never used a PC before. Another accessory, classmate pc thermal probe, lets you use the small laptop to gather data about temperature, c,assmate it outdoor weather conditions or the temperature of an object as it heats up or cools down.

Intel Classmate PC Review & Rating |

The casing completely covers the lid and base, becoming a carrying handle at the back of classmate pc system. Despite the wireless chip’s minimalism, classmate pc supports WPA.

For example, if a student takes the system home for the weekend, the teacher can set up a schedule that will allow the student to work on the laptop during clazsmate time.

Nicholas, an 8-year-old second grader. In terms of power the Classmate is appropriate for its mission, as long as third-party software makers keep in mind the slow CPU. The master program gets loaded classmate pc the teacher’s PC and lets the educator set up a virtual classroom. In Latin Americacontingent classmate pc the receipt of sufficient international fund monies, the Mexican and Brazilian governments are classmate pc whether to buy Intel’s or the OLPC’s laptop.

Appropriate technology Information and communication technologies for development Subnotebooks Linux-based devices Intel. Views Read Edit View history. Get Our Best Stories! The New York Times. From clasmate outside, the Claasmate PC is a thick, bulky little laptop. If a certificate fails to authenticate, the laptop will shut itself down until the teacher can classmate pc it.

Although it’s slightly classmate pc and more comfortable to type on than the XO-1’s rubberized, 69 percent keyboard, for an adult, getting used to it would take a monumental effort.

Intel Classmate PC

The units have their own shutdown mechanism. A teacher can monitor the activity classmate pc any classmwte student, broadcast videos and audio clips, or engage in a chat session with a group of students.

How classmate pc Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. Intel has been actively working with various international and local Linux distributions in various countries. Flip the lid and the Classmate seems much more like a petite traditional laptop than classmate pc XO.

Hands-on with the Intel Classmate PC

Then what you write appears in the NoteTaker app. INTC expands the classmate pc of technology to make the most amazing experiences possible. The Classmate is a basic clamshell that doesn’t leave much to the imagination. This piece of software comes on oc separate disc for use classmate pc the teacher on a remote PC.

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During our trials the pen classmatr fairly responsive classmate pc accurate, though Nicholas had to press harder than was natural for him for his strokes to register completely. The toolbar gives you choices classmate pc save notes, e-mail them, or send them to another PC on the network.

Hamidi Intel Corporation Inc. How do you prevent the Classmate PCs from getting into the wrong hands? The Classmate PCs all come with the client software, while a teacher with a more fully featured laptop would run the host.

The 83 percent keyboard reminds me of a classmate pc desktop keyboard. Brian Westover is an Analyst for the Hardware Team, reviewing laptops, desktops, and storage classmate pc.