Oct 31, Market status: The Glyde seems like a compelling touchscreen messaging phone with fun messaging capabilities, and we like the keyboard, but it has too many drawbacks to recommend. Every time I use it I need to press it multiple times. The latest in a now-crowded field of Verizon messaging phones, the Samsung Glyde is a slender, attractive handset. View our hands-on video of the Samsung Glyde.

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Indoors, however, the samsung glyde was plenty loud. Regulatory Approval FCC smsung The Samsung Glyde features touch screen navigation, a 2. When tapping and it doesn’t work just tap it slightly to the side. The Glyde is a good voice phone, samsung glyde I heard the occasional volume wobble.

I think its a problem with the circuitry.

Also, there’s no Wi-Fi for times when you’re away from 3G coverage. In contrast to the Voyager, the Glyde’s keyboard does not offer any navigation controls so you must use the touch screen at all times. The Glyde’s memory card slot is behind the samsung glyde cover. After 24 hours, we still had half a charge left, and we were pleased with the battery life overall. I still have to tap saksung couple of times, but to me samsung glyde is the problem with the touchscreen.

To see the samsung glyde specifications with in-depth details click samsung glyde. From the home screen you’re offered a few selections. Return of the stylus: Nimble-fingered users and those with small hands probably won’t have a problem, but anyone with decently-sized digits will need to practice. X X Xm X Normally we hate a big clunky cell phone, but bigger samsung glyde is better ylyde a touch-screen device.

We delete comments glyse violate our policy samsung glyde, which we encourage you to read. We’re impressed by its dimensions, considering it has a higher-resolution display, x as opposed to the Voyager’s xwhile maintaining a similarly bright and colorful 2.

Every time I use it I need to press it multiple times.

samsung glyde The Glyde’s main navigation is done through the touch screen that takes up glye of the front side. Annoying, too, was how YouTube’s mobile streaming media page didn’t work.

Samsung Glyde SCH-U (Verizon Wireless) review: Samsung Glyde SCH-U (Verizon Wireless) – CNET

The Glyde doesn’t have an accelerometer, but the screen rotates automatically and snappily when you pop open the keyboard. Sound quality on videos was rather hollow, but voices matched the speakers’ mouths. When touching it in two or gpyde places, glydde typically registers that you are touching it in between the touches. Threaded Chronological Newest first Always view all comments Save. The screen is only capable samsung glyde registering one touch samsung glyde a time.

The new version also includes traffic integration to samsung glyde you avoid highway congestion in 75 cities based on historical traffic information. Simply put, the Glyde has too many menus.

Samsung Glyde Repair

The space bar is well positioned in samsung glyde middle of the bottom row. The phone has been replaced by a newer version, the Samsung Rogue.

E-mail support is included, as well, but without a dedicated e-mail app, the experience isn’t easy. I have no Idea what this reviewer is samsung glyde about. The Glyde is Samsung’s first haptic touchscreen phone to hit the U.

It’s definitely an huge step up samsung glyde screen from the Voyager.