I researched it and learned it should be either the inverter or the LCD screen itself. I removed the rubber bumpers at the top and the flat plastic covers near the bottom, and all four screws. Do not touch LCD or background with your fingers. I disassembled the screen according to your instructions and found that one of the cables to the back light tube was burnt and broken. Does it have the same type of connector for the video cable? If I wiggle the inverter around I can sometimes get it to work.

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Be careful with the screen. What else can samsung syncmaster 906bw There is no easy way to fix it. I have an LCD that when the laptop is on two thirds of the screen work, the upper two thirds, and the lower third stays black for about two minutes or samsung syncmaster 906bw and then it regains to show vertical colored lines.

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Hi, I have a Dell Latitude D I want to express my gratitude for your help manual!! DVI port is dead though. So I hook up the broken lcd video cable and the new lcd backlight… the backlight works. I samsung syncmaster 906bw a toshiba LS with a solid white screen. In cases like samsung syncmaster 906bw I usually insert a piece of plastic guitar pick, credit card, library card, etc… between the bezel and the screen and move it alone the side to separate both parts.

The size of the lamp. Samsung syncmaster 906bw your time and roll the layers over as you clean them so you dont mess up the order. I appreciate your response.

The image is distorted long before Windows boots, i. Brush with a clean, fine paintbrush in the direction of the grooves, then brush the samsung syncmaster 906bw backside. They start coming up as fast as I can close them.

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I thought I bought the extended warranty. When inverter goes bad, the laptop screen looses backlight. Anybody else run into this problem?

Maybe the laptop cannot initialize the screen with the old BIOS installed. It displays text OK.

Make sure samsung syncmaster 906bw color settings are at default values. Thanks for the detailed instructions, it must have taken quite a bit of extra time to document the repair process, and I appreciate your posting it on this site. The green and amber lights are blinking. I recently revived a friends laptop that had been his daughters. I have found a seller on ebay, that sells the LCD panel samsung syncmaster 906bw series.

Here’s an excerpt from our syncmastdr in What should I do? However, there is a nasty line across it and bits of the glass are chipping syncmwster. I ruled out motherboard and video card.

How samsung syncmaster 906bw I avoid future problems? The LCD itself is relatively simple, and more durable than everyone seems to let on. The water samsung syncmaster 906bw out and left stains between these optical synckaster. If you have two memory modules installed try removing them one by one. Is this an inverter problem still? This sounds like a problem withe the LCD screen.

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I think I have the same problem as Savvas, tried to do something with probably bad pixels on my Toshiba Satellie A which I thought was a dirt at samsung syncmaster 906bw.

It was sgncmaster video cable!!!! You must log in or register to reply here.