Be careful when cleaning around the fuser area. Pull the formatter cage away from the printer to remove it. Troubleshooting Tools for troubleshooting Data will be lost. Control-panel message Description Recommended action Printing Page 45 On the right side of the printer, gently pull the black tabs together, and then pull the formatter assembly from the printer.

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Release the sheet-feeder PCA by removing two screws callout 2.

HP LaserJet Printer Model Cross Reference

If the jammed sheet is visible, remove it and then close the upper cover. Service Approach, Before Performing Service, After Performing Service After a faulty part is located, hp color laserjet 3000n printer can usually be repaired at the assembly level by replacing colof units FRUs. Upper cover fuser door Rotate the hp color laserjet 3000n bin towards the front of the printer and remove it. Individual Diagnostic Tests 2, Print The Event Log Figure Door switch and fuser interlock NOTE Any time that a cartridge is installed or removed while the covers are removed, the door interlock must be cycled to simulate opening and closing the top cover in order for the engine to recognize the change.

Figure Remove the upper cover 1 of 5 Open the upper cover, and then squeeze the two blue fuser-locking levers to release the fuser.

The fourth generation, announced on May 9,[8] comprised the following models:. Selecteer welk account u wilt aanmaken. Image defects If specific defects occur repeatedly, print a Hp color laserjet 3000n Quality Troubleshooting page and follow the instructions on the first page. lasermet

Hp color laserjet cp printer – software technical reference addendum pages. The toner can be easily smudged until the heat and pressure of the fusing process clor the image to the sheet. Remove the harness cover. Remove two screws callout 9 from hp color laserjet 3000n left side of the assembly.

Power-on checks When hp color laserjet 3000n turn on the printer, if it does not make any sound or if the control-panel display is blank, check the following items: Page Use needle-nose pliers to gently squeeze the retainer tabs on the PCA standoff, and carefully pull up on the PCA to release it.

Page Remove one screw callout 2. Distorted Image Image is distorted Table Causes for poor fusing on page We provide fast onsite LaserJet printer repair service at no hidden charges or travel fees. Remove one screw callout 2. Duplex-feed-drive assembly NOTE The printer shown is the duplex coolr, and contains a duplex-feed hp color laserjet 3000n assembly.

HP does not warrant that the operation of HP products will be uninterrupted or error free. Views Read Edit View history.

List of Hewlett-Packard products

Pickup-drive assembly Remove the following components: Rear upper cover Remove the following components: Control-panel Overview Control-panel overview The control panel provides controls for printer functions and shows hp color laserjet 3000n about the printer, print jobs, and supplies status. Page Place your thumbs on the fuser latches, squeeze the latches, and pull up on the fuser to laserjt Print multiple copies to help isolate intermittent problems.

If you are repairing a simplex model printer, ignore this procedure. Hard-disk initialization A hard-disk initialization erases and hp color laserjet 3000n the hard disk.

These tests run the same way as the tray 2 pickup motor and solenoid test. If it occurs in all colors, go to step B. Item Description Firmware Update Transfers updated firmware files from the computer to the printer. Hp color laserjet 3000n in the laseerjet system trays cassettes Paper sensors detect media in the trays.

Download upd-pcl5-xexe File for HP Hardware

See Right cover on page Release hp color laserjet 3000n cover by removing 10 screws callout 1. The toner can be easily smudged until the heat and pressure of the fusing process fix the image to the sheet.

Latent-image formation Developing Image transfer Rear upper cover Remove the following components: Page Slide the delivery roller and retainer out of the upper cover. Resolution Changes the resolution settings, including the REt setting.