Page Replacing the Toner Cartridge Push the toner cartridge to make sure it is properly set in the machine. To use this feature, you need to first register destinations in one- touch Keys. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. And you can cut down print costs by saving papers, and it is also useful for saving space. If you are not sure who to contact, and have both purchased and are using the equipment in the U.

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Transporting The Machine Transporting the Machine Transporting the Machine This section describes the required procedures before transporting the machine. Press [ ] or [ ] to select the coded dial code 00 to 99 you want to edit, then press [OK]. Contents Send Start Speed Setting Menu Setting Menu Su;er default settings are indicated in bold text.

Do not force a jammed document or paper out of the machine. Slide the paper guides so that they fit canon super g3 imageclass d480 both sides of the paper. EST Monday through Friday. Save the protective bag.

Printing Documents from a Computer Printing Documents from a Computer This section is the explanation of the basic procedure for printing from a computer printer driver. This section explains the procedure to access the menus, canon super g3 imageclass d480 the contents of the menus only related to the fax functions.

There are two methods for scaling a document: You can also cancel a transmission from the Status Monitor screen.

Canon imageCLASS D480 Basic Operation Manual

Index Telephone line jack Tone key Toner cartridge Checking the toner level Maintaining Redisributing Replacing Transporting the Machine Troubleshooting Clearing jams Error codes Error imagdclass If a power failure occurs If you cannot solve a problem USB port Zoom ratio Do not open the drum protective shutter A.

Facsimile, Telephone Users canon super g3 imageclass d480 the U.

The telephone line may not be connected properly. Do not send defective cartridges for replacement. What is the Network? In the computer field, a network is a system of interconnected computers that communicate with each other.

Recommended device connections and receive modes are shown below. Enter the correct password. cxnon


iamgeclass If you are sending a fax document from your machine at the same time another fax machine made by a company other than Canon is trying to send you a cabon, your fax document may end up being redirected to that fax machine, instead of the original destination you had intended.

Page 80 Name 6. Your machine will automatically monitor incoming calls and based on the distinctive ring pattern, it will determine if the call is from a fax machine trying to send a document or from a canon super g3 imageclass d480 trying to v480 a voice call.

Safety Precautions, Important Safety Instructions — Unplug the machine from the wall outlet and contact your local authorized Canon dealer in any of canon super g3 imageclass d480 following cases: Entering Characters Entering Characters For displays that require alphanumeric entries, follow the procedure below to enter characters.

To 2-sided Copying 1 to 2-Sided Caonn You can make 2-sided copies from 1-sided documents. Hold both sides of the jammed paper and slowly pull it out in the direction of the arrow. To dial using these keys, you need to register the number for one-touch speed dialing. I have an error code E, on the copier Scanning Scanning This chapter describes how to use scanner functions.

If You Imageclas Solve the Problem If you have a problem with your machine and you cannot solve it by referring to the information in this chapter and in the Reference Guide, contact your service representative. Unidentified Senders Rejecting Incoming Faxes from the Unidentified Senders Rejecting Canon super g3 imageclass d480 Faxes from the Unidentified Senders This function enables you to reject incoming faxes from senders who do supfr transmit their fax numbers telephone numbers to your machine.

Canon imageCLASS D780 Fax Manual

Page Lower the scanning platform. Network This chapter describes what the network is, what you can do with the network, and what you have to do to use the machine with the network.

This mode is a suitable option if you expect to use the machine mainly as a telephone, and only occasionally receive fax documents. Open the toner cover. U N I T Imagexlass starts. The Address Book is divided into one-touch keys and coded dial codes.

A correct selection is necessary for the optimal reproduction of the colors of canon super g3 imageclass d480 document. Press the one-touch speed dialing key assigned to the d40 you wish to fax. This enables you to cut print costs in half when copying in large quantities. Confirming Transmission Status and Sending Reservation You can check the status of sending or receiving fax, or sending reservation.

To 1-sided Copying 2 to 1-Sided Copying You can make 1-sided copies canon super g3 imageclass d480 2-sided documents. You can change the mode when the machine is in standby mode. They are as follows: Keep these lists near your machine so you can refer to them when dialing. Print quality may deteriorate if the drum surface is exposed to light or is damaged.

Hang up the handset.