Giving me the idea of bad battery connection. I am working as a Tech Support at my university at Michigan, and I have the same problem. The technician can find this using your service tag number. I will be checking all the other suggestions tonight, but wanted to get some opinions about the problem being on and off. Switch the power supply voltage setting switch in the back from to and then switch it back.

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A Blinking Orange Power Light

Fitted it back in securely, and the system worked perfectly. Im guessing the drive was frozen. Just posting so that others should start with something so simply. Hello, your problem comes from a little squared capacitors near from the Processor, there are in short circuit, remove them and it will be OK.

The last dell I had, had the same flashing light problem. Cheap fix so far. Eventually bought a new popwer supply and installed that with nothing changing. Sir, Optiplwx optiplex gx520 sm bus controller having dell studio laptop. When I optiplex gx520 sm bus controller the guest profile, the laptop seems to have turn off but there is still a light in the LCD. Straightened them out and good to go.

December 3, at 5: If any are then you will be looking at a motherboard replacement or repair.

When does the battery go back in? You saved the day.

A Blinking Orange Power Light

I too had the blinking yellow light. March 5, at The battery is now no more charging from charger. The USB trick failed, the reboot surge protector failed, then I gx250 the compressed air trick…nothing, then I tried screwing with the pins on the USB ports….

Following this, re-seat the memory into the slots you removed them from and power on. Dell systems store the last power state in the Optiplex gx520 sm bus controller part of the bios.

I bought a powered kensington usb hub and started to get the flashing orange light. It is NOT a battery. Ooptiplex hardware changes in over a year and no idea what suddenly happened.

October 26, at 7: The PSU is brand new, so I suppose it should work. February 6, at 8: In order to post comments, please make optiplex gx520 sm bus controller JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I had the same problem on a Dell Optiplex GX Using the above advice I replaced the motherboard battery and low and optiplex gx520 sm bus controller controlelr is up and running. Your computer needs a certain amount of power to supply everything.

Morgan Simply check if you have USB devices attached that are powered with an external power source wall adaptor and be sure to check if the pins in the USB plugs are okay not bent. Wonder how long this will hold.

Got the orange blinking light syndrome. The same happened to me Optiplex I love the mouse itself, but it somehow effects the power on the Dell Dimensions. The power light bsu quickly and then the computer booted. The last optiplex gx520 sm bus controller of day the orange light has been blinking but it usually starts up after a while. Visually inspect the MB if it looks real good no discoloration, melted solder, fried components, etc.

Can someone help me?

You had to open the hardware connector and then insert the flat cable, then lock the hardware connector. After encountering the dreaded Dell flashing yellow light i was greatly relieved to find this little oasis of useful information.