Select a category Basic button operations Directional buttons: With an image displayed, select and then press the Select “Yes”, and then press the “Save completed” is displayed and the setting is complete. The Web page won’t display properly , Some Web pages may not display properly. Use the on- screen keyboard to enter a new nickname. The power indicator is on, but the LCD screen is not displayed. Keyboard keys Function Displays a diagram showing the system buttons and their usage Switches between upper and lower case Enters a line break Switching input mode The number of input modes available varies depending on the language selected.

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Restore Default Settings You can restore settings to the values as set at the time of purchase. The content displayed varies depending on the icon selected.

For further information about Parental Control Levels and corresponding age groups, visit http: Adjusting the tone Press the sound button. Precautions Precautions Carefully read the supplied instructions before use. Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.


Press the HOME button to display the Msaf-m2 Menu and use the directional buttons to navigate sony memory stick duo adaptor msac-m2 horizontal and vertical icon bars. Each time you press the entry field is switched.

If this occurs, the date and time setting screen will be displayed the next time the system is turned on.

Sound There is no sound. The Web page won’t display properlySome Web pages may not display properly. While displaying the image, select panel, and then press the Each time you press the button, the option switches as follows: Select from the control panel during playback, and then press the button at the point where you want the repeated playback to begin.

Select Network Settings under menu, and then press sony memory stick duo adaptor msac-m2 Select “Infrastructure Mode”, and then press the Select “New Connection”, and then press the Enter a name for the network connection.

The ending point, point B, is set and the specified section begins to play repeatedly. Hold down the push button and slide the battery cover open. Got it, continue to print. Specifications Specifications Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. Busy icon Once the Web page is displayed, press the button to hide the menu. Page 35 Clearing mute Muting can be turned off by the following methods: Table Of Contents x Music Listening to music Battery Battery charge level The battery charge level is displayed on the screen.

It usually is not necessary to adjust this setting. Select the address setting method. Connecting to the Internet You can connect to msacm2 Internet to view Web pages using the Internet browser.

Using the display button The display button is used to adjust screen brightness. The control panel is displayed. This is used to sony memory stick duo adaptor msac-m2 to the Internet page 86 or for features such as Network Update page System sony memory stick duo adaptor msac-m2 Remote Control operation operation Press the u button.

If you have wallpaper set sony memory stick duo adaptor msac-m2 perform this setting, the existing image will be overwritten. Some individuals are sensitive to flashing or flickering lights or geometric shapes and patterns, may have an undetected epileptic condition and xdaptor experience epileptic seizures when watching television or playing videogames.

Play Pause Stop Skip to the beginning of the current track or the previous track Skip to the beginning of the next track Using Group Mode Tracks xony be played in groups. For more information, see http: System button Remote Control operation operation Display slideshow options Press the button.

Inserting the battery pack Remove the battery cover. Replacing the battery pack For safety reasons, turn off the system and remove the power cord from the electrical outlet before replacing the battery pack. Page 52 Hint While using Fast Reverse or Fast Forward, select from the control panel, and then press the button to switch between three speed options.

The power indicator is on, but the LCD screen is not displayed.

Sony PSP-1004 Instruction Manual

Sleep Mode is cleared. Open the slot cover in the direction of the arrow.

Page Battery duration See page Note that files that can be played are limited to file formats supported by the system. Press the button during playback. The battery loses its charge even when the system is turned off. Use the directional buttons to select each item, and then press the button to complete the setting.

Page Required items The following items sony memory stick duo adaptor msac-m2 generally required to set up the system ksac-m2 connect to a network and perform a network update.