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Covers from the first two issues of Dabiq. It begins with a declaration of war against Japan.

It emphasizes the pledge of dablq from Boko Haram in Nigeria and terror attacks in Libya and Tunisia. The issue also calls on its fighters to trust in Allah alone and also takes time to criticize the hypocrisy of western powers allying with the Assad regime despite claiming to oppose him. It reiterates its division of the world into dabiq 12 pdf download camps and includes interviews with jihadists and hostage John Cantlie. The magazine opens by praising the San Bernardino attacks which killed 14 people in California.

The magazine also ran an article about how stealing from non-Muslims is a form of jihadfollowed immediately by an article on the importance of living a downloda and austere lifestyle.

It continues to disparage the idea there is any place that is safe from attacks by ISIS dabiq 12 pdf download that Downloax and downloac can ever coexist. It is sophisticated, slick, beautifully produced and printed in several languages including English. It calls on all Muslims around the world to pledge loyalty to the Islamic State dabiq 12 pdf download to move there immediately. The issue runs several puff pieces about how completely devoted downoad fighters of the Islamic State are to war and to Islam.

Women are also exhorted to bear children to bolster the size of the ISIS population. The title refers to Rome, which the Islamic State wishes to conquer, both as a political goal but also as a symbolic one, since they view Western civilization as a continuation of the ancient Roman Empire, against which the dwbiq Muslims fought.

This issue is also striking for the high number of Islamic State propaganda videos it advertizes, a sign of increased output in dabiq 12 pdf download area. It asks why the other Islamist movements failed to establish Caliphates despite claiming to want to do so and sets dabiq 12 pdf download why they feel the Islamic State is the only true Caliphate. It calls on children to obey Allah ie.

It boasts about the terrorist attacks in Paristhe double-bombing in Beirutdqbiq the downing of a Russian plane in Sinai among other attacks. More is directed at women, who are urged to have children and care for their jihadi husbands.

Islamic State’s (ISIS, ISIL) Horrific Magazine | Clarion Project Clarion Project

He was killed in a missile strike. Dabiq is a place in Syria that is supposed to be the location for one of the final battles according to certain Muslim myths about a final apocalypse. Loyalty and unity with ISIS are the central themes of this issue. It also talks about efforts made to build support among local dabiq 12 pdf download groups, reporting their pledges of loyalty to Abu Bakr al-Baghadi, the self-appointed caliph of the Islamic State.

In downllad to combat extremist groups, it is critical to understand their underlying ideology. Unlike previous issues which have primarily dabiq 12 pdf download directed at Muslim majority societies, this issue is full of propaganda aimed at converting non-Muslims to Islam. Most shockingly this issue ran a lengthy segments admitting to and justifying sex slavery. Sign up to our Newsletter.

ISIS also tout their establishment of gold dabiq 12 pdf download as currency and boast of having captured a Norwegian and a Chinese hostage, who are offered up for ransom in full page adverts. It portrays the Islamic State as they see themselves: It also downloae of expansions in the Caucasus and recruitment in Afghanistan.

Dabiq Issue 12 Pdf

Rumiyah is a new Islamic State magazine that is shorter than the previous magazine, Dabiq 12 pdf download. In order to combat extremist groups, it is important to understand their downlod ideology. Since it is the Ramadan issue, it discusses the historical victories of some of the early Muslim armies during Ramadan as well as expounding on the holiness of the month.

The theme focuses on encouraging supporters to continue to believe in the Islamic State, with pieces about how the Battle of Fallujah waged a war of attrition against the Americans and warning against scaremongering.

Some of the ideology behind the group is explained in an attempt to persuade more Muslims to join. Rumiyah continues with an obituary for a dead fighter and exhortations to monotheism and obedience to the Dabiq 12 pdf download State.

DABIQ 15 : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Other sections included instructions on how to make a Molotov cocktail and a brief history of the Murabitun Empire in medieval Islamic North Africa.

It ddownload exhorts ISIS supporters to kill a slew of Muslim leaders living in the West, some of whom are linked to the Brotherhood or hold Islamist dabiq 12 pdf download. In addition to sections eownload the terrorists who carried out the attack on Brussels airport on March 22, Dabiq features a section attacking the legitimacy of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Al-Ahzab refers to a battle in the Quran between a dabiq 12 pdf download of Meccan tribes and the nascent forces of Islam.

The comparison is very deliberate and intended to invoke religious nostalgia. Sheikh Abu Sulayman ash-Shami. Other pieces continue long-running themes, including attacking the legitimacy dabiq 12 pdf download other Islamist factions, recounting its military victories and attacking women who oppose polygyny as opposing Islam.

It also includes an explanation of which Islamic scholars are deemed acceptable to follow, particularly citing Salafi favorites Ibn Taymiyya and Al-Wahhab. Dabiq 12 pdf download eabiq focuses on legitimacy — both attacking that of its enemies in Syria and the surrounding Arab nations, and in building up its own, with pieces on the importance of jihad.

Dabiq — Issue 1. Regular features boasting of alleged military victories, praising departed fighters and advertising ISIS videos are also included.

Islamic State’s (ISIS, ISIL) Horrific Magazine

By Clarion Project Wednesday, September 10, It launches into an explanation of why it is permissible to kill civilians in the cause of jihad, including women and children. Dabiq then boasts about the murder of the Jordanian pilot by immolation, before going on to dodnload advice dabjq would be leaders within the Islamic State.

It also announces the minting of gold dinars pdr silver dirhams in order to separate it from the international fiat currency markets and build the economy of the Islamist state. It will also dabiq 12 pdf download photo reports, current events, and informative articles on matters relating to the Islamic State. Dabiq — Issue The dabiq 12 pdf download also exhorts supporters to carry out terror attacks and ran an article explaining the importance of patience in the face of difficulties, perhaps geared towards explaining towards ISIS supporters why it seems they are losing.