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Measures of central tendency and dispersal; probability distributions Binomial, Poisson and normal ; Sampling distribution; Difference between parametric and non-parametric statistics; Confidence Interval; Errors; Levels of significance; Regression and Correlation; t-test; Analysis of variance; X2 test;; Basic introduction to Muetrovariate statistics, etc.

Thanks for your reference sir. WHat you cultufe to do. Later with the help of friends and family support got to this. Conformation of proteins Ramachandran plot, secondary structure, domains, motif and folds. A Brown Genome 3 plz send me the link Like Like. Concept of habitat and niche; niche width and overlap; fundamental and realized niche; resource partitioning; character displacement.

Thank you sir for uploading the soft copies of the books. Detection and measurement of different types of radioisotopes normally used in biology, incorporation of radioisotopes in biological tissues and cells, molecular imaging of radioactive material, safety guidelines.

B Concept of gene: Thank you somuch Like Like. Yes sir I need introductin copies of the related books Gitartha1gautam gmail. Primrose, Richard Twyman Like Like.

Concepts of neutral evolution, molecular divergence and molecular clocks; Molecular tools in inttoduction, classification and identification; Protein and nucleotide sequence analysis; origin of new genes and proteins; Gene duplication plantt introduction to plant tissue culture by m k razdan pdf download.

Unicellular, colonial and multicellular forms. Origin of basic biological molecules; Abiotic synthesis of organic monomers and polymers; Concept of Oparin and Haldane; Experiement of Miller ; The first cell; Evolution of prokaryotes; Origin of eukaryotic cells; Evolution of unicellular eukaryotes; Anaerobic metabolism, photosynthesis and aerobic metabolism.

In vitro mutagenesis and deletion techniques, gene knock out in bacterial and eukaryotic organisms. Dominance, segregation, independent assortment. Pedigree analysis, lod score for linkage testing, karyotypes, genetic disorders. Levels of structural organization: C Morphogenesis and organogenesis in animals: Heartful thanks to Dr.

Microbial fermentation and production of small and macro molecules. If possible then send it. Chapter 15 and Chapter 20 of Bruce Albert. Types, causes and detection, mutant types — lethal, conditional, biochemical, loss of function, gain of function, germinal verses somatic mutants, insertional mutagenesis.

Cell communication and cell signaling A Host parasite interaction Recognition and entry processes of different pathogens like bacteria, viruses into animal and plant host cells, alteration of host cell behavior by pathogens, virus-induced cell transformation, pathogen-induced diseases in animals and plants, cell-cell fusion in both normal and abnormal cells.

Comparative anatomy of introduction to plant tissue culture by m k razdan pdf download structure, myogenic heart, specialized tissue, ECG — its principle and significance, cardiac cycle, heart as a pump, blood pressure, neural and chemical regulation of all above. B and T cell epitopes, structure and function of antibody molecules.

Thermoregulation — Comfort zone, body temperature — physical, chemical, neural regulation, acclimatization. Sir kindly send me 1.

Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up. D Principles of biophysical chemistry pH, buffer, reaction kinetics, thermodynamics, colligative properties. Major habitat types of the subcontinent, geographic origins and migrations of species.

That means clearly there is problem with your system. Thank u sir Like Like.

CSIR UGC NET JRF,DBT JRF exam pattern; CSIR NET JRF Exam Preparation: Study Material: Books

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Approaches and methods in study of behavior; Proximate and ultimate causation; Altruism and evolution-Group selection, Kin selection, Reciprocal altruism; Neural basis of learning, memory, cognition, sleep and arousal; Biological clocks; Development of behavior; Social communication; Social dominance; Use of space and territoriality; Mating systems, Parental investment and Reproductive success; Introduction to plant tissue culture by m k razdan pdf download care; Aggressive behavior; Habitat selection and optimality in foraging; Migration, orientation and navigation; Domestication and behavioral changes.

This information is very useful for my exam preparations. Methods of estimating population density of animals and plants, ranging patterns through direct, indirect and remote observations, sampling methods in the study of behavior, habitat characterization: Comman Indian mammals, birds.