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And yes, my understanding is that there is a test for the Class A or B non-commercial license.

College of Education | University of South Florida

Our experience is now several years in the hanebook. For banking, yes — the Patriot Act requires you have a residential address on file and banks can flag your account when they do audits looking for business addresses. Are we just SOL here?

Your recommendations for insurance and mail forwarding are a major help. Scott at SBI is awesome. I hope it all works out, and thanks letting SBI know you heard about them through us. As our old plans were grandfathered in, the switch gave us the benefit of included preventative care services under the healthcare reform florida driving handbook 2013 pdf download.

For internet, would recommend checking out our Mobile Internet Resource page at http: Since Maryland is such a high tax state, we look forward to some relief. Its confusing because I read some street florida driving handbook 2013 pdf download of mail forwarders are not accepted, some do??! Please consult with your mail forwarding service for their current instructions on the proper procedure their clients are experiencing. Some states just dont like people that live in homes that move!

We did not research out different insurance rates for different counties, as we were pretty set on going with SBI as our mail forwarding service.

I am researching all info on line because I plan to travel in the near future. Thanks for your diligence and sharing. We have no plans to be within miles of Florida until Dec Of course, as Full Time RVers, finding the best private health insurance, and a low cost domicile state are our 1 priority.

They also scan and post what mail we have and will scan the contents if needed. It sounds like American Home Base gives you a physical street address to use for bank accounts, in addition to the regular po box, but it cannot be used for voter registration. I was researching something a little bit different, but I am having a lot of trouble finding answers.

But there are no hassles with inspections. I would like to buy your new book as soon as it comes out too. At a county tax collector office in Florida — this one handled both vehicles and licenses. We are very florida driving handbook 2013 pdf download we found you two!

This is not our case, so before starting anything I am working to have all my ducks in a row can I say that? Her contact info was easy to find on the FL website.

Or should we just set up shop in Michigan where we have handook relatives? Another brand new florida driving handbook 2013 pdf download is the Floridx www. Always appreciate you sharing! They also have virtual classes online for homeschoolers, which I am interested in learning more about. Our rlorida where we current keep our camper have a place in Lake Wales and are practically begging us to come down. I called both Okalooska and Leon counties, and they provided me with essentially the same instructions involving form through the mail—fill it out, have a law officer do the VIN verification, and mail it in with some copies florida driving handbook 2013 pdf download important documents.

Thanks so much and I hope to bump into you guys at an event in the near future. I have a CDL so this matters to me.

Just signed up with SBI mentioned you as referral for mail and have requests for quotes out to Millers, Epic and Poliseek. Again thanks for the great info. Once we get married at the end of this year, we plan on buying a RV and full timing.

Setting up Domicile in Florida as a Full Time RVer

Mine was incorrect, so I made sure I had it corrected first. After my house finally sold in mid, and seeing as florida driving handbook 2013 pdf download had now life committed to each other, started a business together, and were buying a house on downpoad together — we thought 20113 would be a good idea to share an address too.

Our bus was made before VIN numbers! We have many friends and fellow campers who winter in Fl. They also have no special licensing requirements for driving a RV.

Just happen to find your blogs when searching RV travel. I look forward to more of your writing and hope to see you on the road….