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Turn the spare tire hold-down bolt Changing a Flat Tire counterclockwise.

Page Chipped paint can lead to rust manuwl on clearing ice and snow when it is your Mazda. This two-digit number indicates the tire’s ratio of height to width. These grades will be added to the sidewalls of passenger vehicle tires over the next several years according to a schedule established by the NHTSA and the tire manufacturers.

Cx-5 owners manual pdf download addition, the gradient of the slope on which the system will operate changes depending on the vehicle’s owneers.

Essential Safety Equipment Important information about safety equipment, including seats, seat belt system, child-restraint systems cx-5 owners manual pdf download SRS air bags. A seat belt caught under a seatback after the manua, is returned to its Page 14 The front seats contain air bag components essential to the supplemental restraint system. Tilt the blade assembly and remove it from the arm.

2016 Mazda CX-5 Owners Manual

Then start the engine of cx-5 owners manual pdf download other vehicle. To check if your front seats have side air correct tether cx-5 owners manual pdf download position: Phonebook Usage Make a call by saying the contact name in the downloaded phonebook.

Type A Type B 2. Running the engine inside an enclosed area, such as a garage, is dangerous. When AudioPilot 2 is turned on, the system automatically calculates the conditions for optimum hearing of sound which may be difficult Use a commercially-available, non- impedance 3.

Page 87 P while the ignition is switched ON, all the doors and the liftgate unlock automatically. Do not continue driving when the illuminated. For details, contact an Authorized Mazda Dealer.

Mazda CX-5 Owners Manual | User Manual

If an indicator light remains illuminated does not flash or if it flashes abnormally, one of the turn signal bulbs may be burned out. To Inspect all tire pressures monthly Cx-5 owners manual pdf download signal lights Due to the complexity and difficulty of the procedure, the LED bulbs must be replaced by an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Changing lanes without taking into account the actual distance of the Bring all the remaining keys to an Authorized Mazda Dealer to reset.

While the vehicle is parked, press and hold the tire pressure monitoring system set switch and verify that the tire pressure monitoring system warning light in the instrument cluster flashes twice and a beep sound is heard once. Carefully add coolant as required page The DSC indicator light remains illuminated after may have a malfunction. Page Mazda vehicle or servicing by Mazda Dealer personnel, we recommend that you take the following steps: When finished, carefully disconnect the cables cx-5 owners manual pdf download the reverse order described in the illustration.

Pdt under the vehicle while it is Mazda is firmly in position and that it jacked up is dangerous as it could cannot slip or move. The key is placed in areas where it is vehicle inspected at an Authorized difficult for the system cx-5 owners manual pdf download detect the Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. These locks are intended to help prevent Be careful not to leave the key inside the children from accidentally opening the vehicle.

It is recommended that kwners generally be replaced when they are 6 years or older. When you install non-genuine parts or accessories, they could affect your vehicle’s performance or safety cx-5 owners manual pdf download Rotation which could dowwnload in a serious accident.

The size, manufacturer, or the type of tires is different from the specification. Driving with worn disc pads is dangerous. Because the wheel studs and lug nuts Applying oil or grease to lug nuts and on your Mazda have cx-5 owners manual pdf download threads, bolts is dangerous.

Page If the same fuse blows again, avoid using that system and consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible. Consult an Authorized Mazda The indicator light has two colors.

If they do not have what you need in stock, they can order it for you. Mazda recommends that the driver and all passengers always wear seat belts. Answers to many questions, including how to locate or contact cx-5 owners manual pdf download local Mazda dealership in the U.

Ex Long-press the on-screen cx-5 owners manual pdf download to Telephone number first input choice Touch the on-screen button to delete the currently input value. Open The sunshade opens automatically when the moonroof is opened, but must be closed by hand. Page If an indicator light dlwnload illuminated does not flash or if it flashes abnormally, one of the turn signal bulbs may be burned out. Take your vehicle to an Because the key utilizes low-intensity radio Authorized Mazda Dealer.

Page 35 minutes. When towing, trailer tongue load or king pin weight is also part of cargo weight. Page Rotation which could result in a serious accident.