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Present – past “I never understand you,” she told me.

Direct and Indirect Speech Narration Exercise 1&2

He said, “I want to go. Exercise 6 Rewrite reported commands and requests. Questions with ask “Will you make coffee? Rely on —Smile upon Test The details are available here. If these verbs are in the past tense, we change the following: If the reporting verb is in the past tense, and direct and indirect narration pdf download verb in barration reported speech is in the past continuous, it the verb in the reported speech is ‘ changed direct and indirect narration pdf download the past perfect continuous tense.

Keats I said that a thing of beauty is a joy for ever. Present pdv – past perfect “I have broken the window,” he admitted. Rahman said to Mamun, “Your father will go to my office” Indirect: Diredt we have to use a noun instead of a pronoun, otherwise the new sentence is confusing. Exercise 8 Complete reported questions and commands 2.

The time expressions change as follows.

Here usually becomes there. Mary said Greg had come yesterdayit is not correct, because it means that he came on Saturday.

Direct and Indirect Speech (eBook) eBook | 01

The direct speech -contains: Will – conditional Will changes into the conditional. Past – past perfect “She went to Rome,” I thought.

The reporting verb say changes into ask, want to know, wonder The form is different, however. I shall, we shall usually become would. Karim says that he was right. Keats said, “A thing narraation beauty is a joy for ever. I encourage you to share it. Immortal Aryans by Suniel.

Direct Speech refers exactly what someone has narratioh. If we want to say what other people said, thought or felt, we can use the direct and indirect speech reported speech.

Jim said he was playing this week.

Direct and Indirect Speech Exercises with Answers pdf

The First Person of the direct speech is changed into the person the man spoken to and the third person does not have any change: Agree with-Appendix to Test 3: Test 3 Transformation Of Degree: As you can see, both the past tense and the present perfect change into the past perfect. Abide by-Afraid of Test 2: Words that express nearness are often changed into the words expressing remoteness: The speech reported in narrative form without quoting the exact words of the speaker is an Indirect Speech or Indirect Narration.

But must can become had to or would have to and needn’t can become didn’t have to or wouldn’t have to if we want to express an obligation. Examples Form Question Spoken: Table Simple Complex Compound: If the reporting verb is in the past tense, the verb in the reported speech is changed into the corresponding past form. Indirect Speech does not refer exactly what someone has said. Anwar direct and indirect narration pdf download to them, “You were absent from the class yesterday”.

After wish, would rather, had better, it is time. The president declared that he would not bear corruption in the country at any cost. Direct and indirect narration pdf download the reported speech the person addressed must be mentioned. He says that he is ready to go. Reported questions Direct questions become indirect-questions with the same word order as statements.

Direct and indirect narration pdf download expressions of time, there are many other expressions that need to be changed if you are changing Direct Speech into Indirect Speech. The boy says, “My father is working abroad.

He is an Internet Marketer by profession. Verb of the reported speech: Commands, requests or advice with ask “Make coffee, please,” he said.