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If the search text was not found a run time error occurred after the message asking if you want to search again from the beginning of the file. When not enabled this will generate an error instead. Double-clicking a variable number in the list will systme a window where you can enter a new value for the variable.

When this option is selected, G00, G02 and G03 are active only in the blocks in which they are commanded. This means that you can now open and edit multiple documents at the same time.

Added an interpreter customize page to the machine configuration. Syxtem you have “Interpreter Customize” enabled on the machine configuration then this will allow you to see each block with the customizations applied. Improvements The display of rapid motion on the backplot now includes rotary motion.

GATE Bits – Shortcut to Draw Polar Plot for All Pole Systems

This page contains settings that allow you to configure NCPlot settings related to macro functions. These tools allow translating program endpoints between absolute and incremental coordinates. When the panel is clicked a popup menu appears that contains a list of all the programs in your file.

In some cases an unselected chain would reverse along with the selected chain. This will load the default toolbar layout. Added a line width setting to the viewport print preview window. If the replace text contained multiple address words and colorizing was enabled then no replacements were made.

The new zoom behavior is to zoom around the current mouse pointer.

Dragging the scroll bar back and forth several times would eventually lead to an error message. This new type treats the rotary axis endpoints like a linear axis.

Shortcut sysetm assigned to the items on the ‘File’ menu were appearing next to the wrong menu item. You can now add a range of variables when the ‘Add System Variable’ pop up menu item is clicked.

Added a new rotary axis type.

Added support for system variables active modals. Added menu item “Reset Toolbars”. This feature Allows adding and removing buttons from the toolbars and also allows creating your own toolbars. Mostly issues with menu items not being shown in the correct check state on startup. This variable works similar to variable The DXF export tool now supports exporting rotary axis motion.

To move buttons to the new toolbar, drag them from any of the visible toolbars and drop them onto the new toolbar.

Control Systems Polar Plots

Attempt these questions in our app. Fixed a problem with programs whose program syatem is designated with the colon character “: Fixed a bug in the expression evaluator: While checked out the license will not be available for other users.

The specified maximum deviation amount determines how many line segments are created. The translated program section is ssytem into your program immediately following the selected section. Not Now Yes, I’m Interested.

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System variables and were not being set, these are the modal values for the “N” and “O” addresses, respectively. The new settings are: The local variables were being properly passed to the subprogram, but were not being passed back to the calling program. Tool list enhancements Remembers the visible state of the tools when refreshing the plot if the tool list does not change Added menu item ‘Show Only This Tool’ which hides all but the tool that was clicked Added menu item ‘Select This Tool’ which selects the region of the program for the tool that was clicked Added menu item ‘Highlight This Tool’ selects all the entities on the viewport for the tool that was clicked The keyboard shortcuts can now be exported and imported via the ‘Setup’ menus ‘Export Settings’ and ‘Import Settings’ The viewport print preview now allows the preview image to be saved as a bitmap file.

You can now select a region of text and then click and drag it within the edit window. The new option allows selecting one of two rotary command types. You can mirror, rotate, shift and scale all in one operation.